Word Falls

Word Falls

The word finding game for word lovers everywhere. Download for free!


If you are a connoisseur of the English language and can’t resist a challenge, Word Falls could be the game for you. Simple yet utterly addictive – don’t blame us if you can’t put your phone down!


Play it online, enjoy it offline…the choice is yours. Word Falls is the fun word puzzle that you can take wherever you go.


What players are saying


“I don’t want to stop playing!


I love looking for words and trying to beat the other players


I have to really think hard to find all the words – it’s a great mental workout


I love playing this with my son – it’s a sneaky way to get him to practice his spelling and vocabulary


Simple but addictive, this is the only game I want to play right now!”


If you want to join in with the fun, download Word Falls onto your mobile phone or tablet. It’s a free word game for iOS and Android so why not start playing today?


Hopelessly addictive


If you love traditional word searches we’re certain you’ll adore Word Falls too! Based on word finding games that you’ve played before, Word Falls builds in new and fun elements that take word puzzling to another dimension.


With the chance to battle in daily tournaments for the word finding crown, Word Falls stretches your brain in every possible way!


Checking the board for all the words you can find and totting up your score is all it takes to join in. The rules are simple and straightforward so you can begin playing right away.


Competing against other players from around the world and up against the clock you’ll need to search for as many word matches as you can find. Will you beat all other contenders to claim the crown?


Word Falls is gloriously addictive and we guarantee you’ll want to play again and again. With the opportunity to play as many times as you want every day, it’s a great way to give your grey cells a workout while having fun too.


Find words to win


Just like a word search, you’ll need to hunt through the grid to find the hidden words. Use the letters again to make more words until you run out of time.


However, Word Falls isn’t just a case of counting up how many words you find as it also incorporates some features of Scrabble.


Every letter on the board has a different value so when you make a word, you’ll get a score. It’s these scores which get added together to reach your total. Can you make words from the highest scoring letters on the board?


To play, just swipe your fingers across the grid and highlight the letters you want to use. Keep going until you can’t find any more or the timer counts down.


When each game is over your final score will be placed onto the leaderboard where you can see how you measure up compared to other players.


Compete with friends and strangers alike


There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to ramp up the fun factor and that’s exactly what you’ll enjoy with Word Falls. The best word game around, you’ll not only be challenging yourself to get a better score, you’ll also be going up against other players too.


If you want to see how your friends are doing you can compare your progress to your Facebook friends on the tournament screen. You’ll also be entered into a global tournament every time that you play where you’ll compete with other players from around the world.


Finish in the top 10 and you’ll win game gold that you can spend in Word Falls. If you don’t make the top 10 don’t worry – there’s always tomorrow to try again!


Can you beat your score?


The great thing about playing Word Falls is that you can have as many tries as you want. Once the game is over your word matches will disappear and you can start over once again.


If you don’t perform very well in one tournament you’ll receive a new set of letters the next day and the slate will be wiped clean. With a fresh tournament every day, you can just start from scratch in your bid to win the crown.


Whether you like to take on players from all over the world, compete with your Facebook friends or simply challenge yourself and stretch your memory, Word Falls is an entertaining word puzzle game that’s truly unique.


Play on the go


Word Falls has been carefully designed to be played on different platforms so whether you’re an Apple or Android user you’ll be able to download the game.


If you’re searching for word games for Android and iOS that you can play on the go, Word Falls is a great choice. Download to your phone or tablet and log in to play wherever you are. You’ll have the choice of playing offline as well as online so even if you haven’t got a signal you can still enjoy your fix of word finding!


The best part of all is that Word Falls is a completely free online word game with no cost to join in. It is possible to make some in-app purchases but you can still enjoy all the features without paying for a thing. Of course, if you’re one of the best players you’ll win gold in the tournament which can be spent in the game, so that’s even more incentive to finish at the top!


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