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New Daily Gaming Tournament Set For Worldwide Release


06/07/2019, London, UK – Cutting edge developers The Quixotics Solutions have announced a release date for their hotly anticipated new game, Word Fall. Available on both iOS and Android, Word Falls will be played by gamers from all over the world who will be competing in daily tournaments for special prizes. 


Redefining Online Word Gaming


Word Fall from The Quixotics Solutions is a word game like no other with hot daily tournaments that will have players from all over the work competing for honours. No longer content with simply scoring more than your friends, Word Fall has been intuitively designed to allow players to pit their wits against others anywhere in the world. 


Players will be taking part in tournaments which are run every day, providing regular chances to end the day in the top 10. Although there are in-game prizes for those finishing the tournament in the top 10, it’s all about the honour as Word Falls is a game that everyone will want to win. 


This approach from The Quixotics Solutions takes online gaming and spins it on its head, providing players with new impetus to become the best. With challenges from some of the top-performing players around the globe, will you be up to the task? 


Thrilling Game-Play You Won’t Want To Miss


Word Falls is a free online word game for iOS and Android that challenges the mind and stretches the memory. Played on a grid of letters, the aim of the game is to create words within the allotted period. When the time is up, the goal is to have accrued a score which is higher than anyone else. 


Word Falls is based on the words used in Scrabble and found in a dictionary and is utterly addictive for any fan of word games. The premise is simple: find the hidden words in the grid of 20 letters, swiping your finger to highlight each one. 


With a constantly changing board every day, your challenge is to find as many words as you can during each tournament. Just like Scrabble, different words carry different values so to get the highest score you’ll need to concentrate on the right ones. 


Hypnotically addictive, once you’ve played Word Falls you’ll be itching to give it another go!


Could you win the tournament?


Word Falls is a free online word game that allows you to take on some of the best wordsmiths from around the world. With a daily tournament, your goal is to beat all those who are playing too. With the slate wiped clean every day, there’s always another chance to emerge as the victor!


Log in every day for a bonus and to play against others in a daily tournament. Finish in the top 10 and you’ll receive Word Falls gold which can be spent within the game. Play as many times as you want to climb up the leaderboard and finish the day at the top!


The daily challenge of winning is one of the standout features of this free word game. A new chance to claim victory in a new tournament every day means that you’ll want to play again and again. Suitable for all ages and a great test of your vocabulary and spelling, Word Falls is the game that you won’t want to quit.


Download from the Play Store or the App Store


Word Falls is about to be released for download and will be available from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Compatible with both Android and iOS phones and tablets, Word Falls is the free online word puzzle that everyone can play. 


You can play it online and offline, either alone or with your friends. If you love word searches, you won’t be able to resist playing this free word game with a difference!


Download Word Falls from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and start playing! If you love what you see, why not mention it to friends and spread the word on social media? The more people that are playing, the more people you’ll have to conquer…could you be the best?


Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thequixoticssolutions.wordfalls


IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/word-falls/id1253377424


About The Quixotics Solutions


The Quixotics Solutions are an IT tech company who have successfully designed and developed a wide range of digital products. They offer full digital design services and have a proven track record in games, web and mobile development. 


In addition to their expertise in online and mobile games, The Quixotics Solutions also offers an interactive project.